Work Log, EMG sensor build-up and Hooking up Arduino with MAX/MSP

I went to the main building of Electronic department today and got this EMG sensor done today.

The sensor is purchased from an American company called Advancer Technologies. For power supply, 2x 9v batteries to be used. Cables have been mounted onto a connecter.

So the data collected from EMG sensor will be sent into a microprocessor, which is the Arduino that I have. Because I haven’t actually used Arduino before, it did take me quite some time to figure out how to connect Arduino with Max/Msp. So that I think it is necessary for myself to write the procedure down for future reference.

1. Download the lastest Arduino compiler on the website.

2. Download the lastest Firmata, or use the pre-installed one that comes with the Arduino software. (Not sure whether it is up-to-date will make a difference)

3. There are many types of Arduino on the market and mine is called Duemilanove. According to a tutorial on another website, it needs the lastest FTDI serial port drive in order for the device to be connected to the computer. Maybe only on MAC OS, I don’t know. *This is the part that took me most of the time to figure out, as when I tried to upload any program, I simply could not find an option for USB connection on Arduino — Tools — Serial Port. 

(lastest FTDI drive can be downloaded on

4. After installing the driver, go to Arduino — File — Examples — Firmata — StandardFirmata. 

Click on upload. Then verify.

5. Job Done!! Now communication between the computer and the microprocessor can be done entirely (not exactly entire function, but data in/out should work just fine) through Max/Msp without writing any program using Arduino software.

6. Main Interface of the latest Maxuino.



Update of the log: 

Maxuino is not a necessary choose for reading data from Arduino, in fact, I personally think it makes things more complicated. Simply check out the serial communication tutorial on Max. It gives a simple and clear demonstration of how to get data from the Arduino. 


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